A Relative Distance

Our very first solo exhibition at Lamington Drive in Melbourne. Introduction by Chris Barton.

Tin & Ed’s first solo show, A Relative Distance, is also collaborative. The exhibition reveals the documentation of a workshop in which the artists placed time and material restraints upon a group of friends from different creative backgrounds to encourage randomness and spontaneity, and as a means of giving up control over the final outcome.

However, in this ‘lack of control’ we find qualities that are distinctly Tin & Ed, and begin to wonder about the ways autonomy and the accidental can actually co-exist. Through a combination of puppetry and social curatorship, collective consciousness is fostered, coherency is attained, and predictability is still avoided.

This is not to say that their experiment hasn’t been successful, not at all. Instead, what A Relative Distance reasserts is that, in the right conditions, no experiment can be a failure.

Prints available for purchase here.


C-type print on crystal archival flex, giclee print on archival rag, various sizes. Solo exhibition at Lamington Drive, Melbourne.

Art Direction and Photography


Workshop participants

Amelia Borg, Jess Brent, Jane Caught, Sari De-Mallory, Rik Lee, Andrew Moller, Olivia Robinson, Rachael Sheridan, Vivek Subramanian, Andie Tham, Samuel Thorne, Jacob Weiss, Mia Veur.

A Relative Distance

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