tin&ed X Derek Henderson

Photographic collaboration with photographer Derek Henderson. The print was for a charity exhibition called True-Self organised by The Jacky Winter Group.

The exhibition utilises the core element of collaboration, with visual artists creating works that are then captured ‘in camera’ by a photographer. The result is 10 large -scale, unique pieces of fine art photography, each drawing upon the themes of positive self-image.

Featuring 20 of Australia’s most cutting edge and contemporary fine artists and photographers working together—

Beci Orpin + Sean Fennessy
Dylan Martorell + Clare Rae
Kate Banazi + Bec Parsons and Bart Celestino
Kate Tucker + Brooke Holm
Miranda Skoczek + Lachlan Moore
Misha Hollenbach + Warwick Baker
Nathan Gray + Jesse Marlow
Sonia Rentsch + Willem-Dirk Du Toit
Tai Snaith + Jo Duck
Tin&Ed + Derek Henderson


Derek Henderson

Concrete Objects and Styling


tin&ed X Derek Henderson

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