We Come in Peace – Pride NYC

We Come in Peace by Tin & Ed

The atritum at Pier 17, Seaport District, Manhattan.
On display until July 31. The piece plays daily, every hour on the hour, for 10 minutes, and on Mondays from 7–7:30pm

A digital installation that takes the form of a virtual dance party, this piece is being screened for the first time in New York at Pier 17. The project, debuting for World Pride month, invites viewers to experience a virtual party by dancing alongside screens filled with dancing avatars, in a celebration of unity. For the project, 3D scans were taken of artist, designers and friends from around the world. The 3D scans were re-sculpted, taking inspiration from nature, to create new organisms. The avatars were rigged, taught to dance and then brought together in a live digital space using a game engine. We Come in Peace is a celebration of the incredible diversity found in nature and a reminder that we are part of that world and not separate from it.

Learn more about this project at Designboom.

We Come in Peace – Pride NYC

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