Embargoed 2017 Adidas EQT Sneakers
Embargoed 2017 Adidas EQT Sneakers

Adidas Future Nights

Hype sessions is a four day conference bringing together all the Hype office staff and managers across Australia and New Zealand.

In 2016, adidas Originals introduced a new dimension to their design philosophy: the future. The Future theme informed the design direction of the day session and evening event – aiming to engage and inspire Hype staff on the future of the brand.

The evening event – Future Nights, transported guests to a music festival setting showcasing various product installations with entertainment provided by YO! Mafia.


Projection Mapping Container
Reflective Selfie Container
Rear Projection Container (20min Adidas Animation)
Infinity Box Container (Embargoed 2017 Adidas EQT Sneakers)





Photography (People)

Braden Kenyon

Adidas Future Nights

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