Our flag on the T&G Building 143-153 Collins St Melbourne
Melbourne NOW Kids Flag Making Workshop

Melbourne NOW 2013-2014

On Top of the World: Flags for Melbourne is a public art project presenting artists’ flags designed to be flown from flagpoles across the City of Melbourne, and concurrently displayed in the Great Hall at NGV International.

Extending Melbourne Now into the city at large, participating artists consider the symbolic, semantic and decorative potential of flags, commemorating and encouraging new conversations about specific sites of social, cultural, political and architectural relevance.

Developed by Stewart Russell of Melbourne’s Spacecraft in collaboration with the NGV and sixteen contributing artists, On Top of the World: Flags for Melbourne presents alternative opportunities for flag-waving, rejoicing in the ambiguous and contested poetics of symbolic community representation. In their appeal to a wide and diverse public, these flags invite us to express and debate questions of place and cultural identity, communication and belonging.

View the NGV project website here.

This project is part of the Melbourne NOW exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria.

Project Artists

Brook Andrew, Peter Atkins, Jon Campbell, Aleks Danko, Kate Daw, Destiny Deacon, Matthew Griffin, Helen Johnson, Callum Morton, Tom Nicholson, Rosslynd Piggot, S!X, Hanna Tai, Tin & Ed, John Warwicker, Annie Wu.

Project Details

On top of the world: Flags for Melbourne 2013 
SPACECRAFT, Melbourne Australia est. 2000
Cotton, mono filament polyester, silk, metallic foil, digital prints, screen printing, reverse applique, fringing
(1-48) dimensions (variable) (each).  Supported by the City of Melbourne.

Melbourne NOW 2013-2014

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