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Sound+Vision – Sydney Opera House

‘Sound + Vision’ was a debut collaborative music and visual arts project presented by VICE and Samsung. The series of performances took over the iconic Concert Hall at the Sydney Opera House to showcase the marriage of music and technology, as well as the local and international musicians and visual artists involved.

For our collaboration with Charles Murdoch we used live video projection to look at cycles in nature on a micro and macro level, exploring the ways in which they interact and affect each other. These ideas were expressed as visual loops using found nature footage and pulsing coloured portals. The visual properties of these loops synced up with different elements of Charles Murdoch’s music and reacted live as he played his set. The visuals appeared on screens and large scale projections inside the Concert Hall. An app was also developed which allowed us to control aspects of the visuals live during the performance.

Other artist included the USA’s Empress Of who teamed up with Paris based light artists NONOTAK and Banoffee and Oscar Key Sung with photo-surrealist Prue Stent.

Listen to Charles Murdoch’s set list here.


Live Video Projection

Presented by

Samsung and the Sydney Opera House


Vice (Kashi Somers)


Charles Murdoch (Future Classic)

Technology & Development

Joe Crossley and team

Documentation Photography


Sound+Vision – Sydney Opera House

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