Tin Nguyen (Tin&Ed)
Edward Cutting (Tin&Ed)
Nadia Saccardo (R/GA)
Alex Reinoso (Spotify)
Craig Redman (Craig & Karl)
Philip Fimmano (Trend Union)
Rachael Yaeger (Human NYC)
Xinyi Lim (Xinyi Cooks)
Noemie Le Coz (Art Director)
Ilya Milstein (Illustrator)
Stanislave Pinchuk 'Miso' (Artist)
Zach Pollakoff (Like Minds)
Leta Sobierajski (Designer)
Wade Jeffree (Designer)
James Brown (UFO Welcome Centre)

We Come in Peace

“We Come In Peace” is a digital installation that takes the form of a virtual dance party. The project allows viewers to experience the party by dancing alongside a room size digital projection. It is a celebration of unity and explores┬áthe possibility of a more symbiotic relationship between, humans, nature and technology.┬áThis project was launched as a live projection experience in 2019 at Design Indaba Festival in Cape Town.

For the project, 3D scans were taken of artist and designers from around the world. The 3D scans were re-sculpted taking inspiration from nature to create new organisms. The avatars were rigged, taught to dance and then brought together in a live digital space using a game engine.

As the project is developed we will be implementing AI that will allow the behaviour of the avatars to be affected by live data streams, opening up new opportunities for interactivity. The project is in continual development for site specific projects and festivals around the world.

We Come in Peace

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